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Milwaukee Titan Cheerleaders

Hello, my name is Coach Trina and I'm the head cheerleading coach for the Titans Youth Organization. I have cheered for a little over sixteen years and I know what is needed to be the best.  Having coached for two seasons for the Titans Youth Organizations teams; now others have been constantly trying to duplicate what our girls do. We understand that we have raised the bar with cheerleading and again we're coming back and even raising it more. So teams get your copycat hats ready we are back!!!! I have no doubt that WE WILL be the best above all the rest! 

Cheerleading Practice

We will begin practicing soon!!   


Thanks for helping us grow!!! That number above shows the support so keep it up!!!!  The skies the limit!!!!

" We will always bring it, and we will always try !"

The cheerleading team is not only open to girls from 6-14 but also to boys within the same age range.  We want to encourage the girls and boys to work together as a team and to make the best of any situation.  We will teach the children good sportsmanship, and we will try to open the kids up out of their shells.  Now even though we strive for excellence; we will have a lot of fun and hopefully some activities outside of practices and games.  We look forward to having a very rewarding season this upcoming year. 

Not only Cheerleaders, but Football Players

Not only do we offer a rewarding year on the cheerleading team, but Titans Youth Organization also have several pee wees, juniors, and majors football team. If your interested in checking them out or participating feel free to contact us at the number below!!

  Titans Youth Organization                   P.O. Box 342162 Milwaukee, WI 53234-2162                       262-478-7736